Book Review – ‘Supper Club’ Kerstin Rodgers

I first met Kerstin (aka MsMarmite Lover) at her very first Underground Farmers Market last March. It was because of her and her passion for food and all things ‘Underground’ that inspired me to create The Secret Tea Room. Her reply to my  initial email, asking for advise, was ………’just do it’

Reading her new Book ‘Supper Club’ is I think, a reflection of that same passion she has for her food, her underground restaurant, and the inbuilt ability to ‘Just do it’

The cover immediately invites  you to  pick up the book and browse through the many colourful pages which includes  Kerstin’s personal history, how she became so passionate about cooking, her anecdotes from some of the many Themed Supperclub events and not to mention the most wonderful mouth-watering Recipes. Each chapter has a different colourway and the bright pink ribbon page marker only adds to this delightful Book.

There is a whole section and advice on ‘How to Start your own Underground Restaurant’, with a ‘World Wide Supperclub Directory’, which is a must for all Supperclub fans.

The book is filled with pictures of Kerstin, her kitchen, the teen, the Shed and of course, Kerstin’s recipes. There are lovely interesting drawings in the book, some of which were drawn by Kerstin’s mum, artist Margaret Rodgers

Take a look at what others on Amazon have said about this book.

Find a Supper Club, become a Fan

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