First Tea Party of the year

After taking a break over the winter, my first Tea party of the year was held yesterday.

Thankfully I’ve kept lists and menus from last years events, making it easier to start-up again this year. With a fully booked list of events and a waiting list to be pleased with. I nervously began the preparation for Afternoon Tea.

Firstly I baked my Tea Loaves  earlier in the week. This time I infused the mixed dried fruit overnight in Earl Grey Leaf Tea, straining the leaves before pouring the tea over the fruit.

Friday I spend most of the day and late evening, baking cakes, Frangipane tarts and other tartlets. Then setting the table and moving furniture around. Leaving me more time to make the Scones and sandwiches the following day and attending to any last-minute details.

The sign was on the door directly guests around the back and one by one they all arrived. With introductions over and places taken, the first thing to do is put the kettle on. I don’t think the tea stopped pouring and conversations ceased until it was time to leave, which is always all too soon in my book.

One of the best things about doing this, is seeing strangers sitting side by side at a table. They’ve never met before, yet strike up some amazing and interesting chats about anything and everything. In the past I’ve seen many of these people becoming friends, they certainly are becoming mine.

My guests are incredibly generous with their support, their positive comments and their donations. How fortunate am I to meet such wonderful people.

One final note. I get a lot of help from the men in my life, with moving furniture and bolting legs to collapsible tables along with  the washing up at the end of the day. Their reward  is the cake that remains after doggy bags have been filled and guests have no more room to eat any more.

Here’s to the next event, which in this case is on Saturday. The same sort of menu, with a few different cakes and 12 new guests only 2 of whom I’ve only briefly met before and one of them was during a brief conversation about a savoury Noodle Jelly, but that’s another story.

Yes, all this is hard work, but it’s the right sort of hard work, one that leaves you in a tired yet happy place, knowing that a good nights sleep awaits.

Happy Baking


11 thoughts on “First Tea Party of the year

  1. Looks lovely. We are gearing up for a big Comic Relief cupcake bake this week and have started gently by getting the ingredients and then watching Julie and Julia to relax!

  2. Hi there bakelady, I would love to come to one of your super tea parties, how can I find out where they are being held??

  3. The Secret Tea Room I attended in September persuaded me to join Twitter and I met a lot of great people there who I am still friends with now. Thanks Lynn for hosting such a great event which was the start of me getting involved with so many other fab events in Leeds; including Bettakultcha, Clandestine Cake, Culture Vultures parties/events and Test Space Kitchen to name but a few!

    Looking forward to my next one in May- keep up the great work 🙂

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