What we ate last night

It was a big birthday celebration in the Bakelady house, no not mine, I gave up on birthdays years ago. No, this was a family member. We wanted to go to the much recommended Kendells Bistro in Leeds, but they weren’t open on Monday’s so we decided to go to San Carlo in Leeds instead.

The Gent is always on the look out for reviews about Leeds foodie places and often refers to Katie’s blog Leeds Grub for inspiration. Jay Rayner did a wonderful review about San Carlo, so off we went, booking a table for 4 before we set off.

Here’s what we ate:

Risotto San Carlo,

Spagetti Shellfish,

Spagetti Carbonara,

Risotto Scampi

All accompanied with Italian Bread with Olive oil & a very nice Balsamic Vinegar to dip the bread in. We all tasted each other’s food because it was so delicious and amazing. My Risotto San Carlo with mushrooms, was creamy and morish. We didn’t want to leave anything on the plate and a discussion started as to whether it’s an insult to the chef to leave much food on the plate, especially if you’re full to almost bursting. I said that as a young child we were alwasy told to empty our plates and not waste food, one family member said that he’d heard that in some cultures it’s considered rude to eat up because it suggests to the chef that not enough food has been made.

I looked over at the table next to us where 4 young ladies were also eating their main courses, consisting of similar dishes to ours, and they ‘picked and pyked’ as my mum would say, at it, having only eaten a few mouthfulls each then left the rest. Now that is a waste, I’d like to see what the chef thought of that. The young ladies seemed more bothered about their mobile phones and text messages to be interested in the food. They didn’t bother with a dessert, but may have had antipasto, who knows, as we arrived after them.

We, on the other had were the opposite. The men ate every scrap of food on their plates whilst we ladies struggled to finish ours but decided to leave a couple of spoon fulls and thought that acceptable.

On to the desserts:

Cheese Cake

Creme Caramel

Pear Chianti

Tartufo Flambe – note the word FLAMBE

As the waiter arrived with the Tartufo for the Gent, another waiter provided a small glass of white something and a lighter. I shouted across the table to the Gent, ‘watch your eyebrows’, at which point the waiter very carefully lit a small amount of flamable something on a table spoon and then poured the rest  over the Tartufo. The brilliant blue flame lit the rest of the dessert, melting the chocolate as the waiter continued to cover the whole dessert with the blue flames until they died away, leaving a yummy chocolate sauce to be enjoyed. We tried to take a picture, but as with all mobile phones, you can never get them operating quick enough and all too soon the dancing blue flames were gone.

I’ve never been good at taking discreet pictures in restaurants, someone should start a workshop on how to do it.  This is the first blog post I’ve done without any, so I hope my description of ‘What we ate last night’ has interested you enough.

The bill, you may be wondering came to £111.76 for 4 people and that included a bottle of Pinot Grigio, Bottle of water, 3 coffees and 10% service charge. The service was great too.

We’d parked the car at the Lights and upon leaving the lift, I failed to notice a Leeds United Football player waiting to get in the lift after us. The younger male member of my family did recognise him and a game ensued to see which was likely to be his car as he must have parked it on the same floor as ours.

Today is pancake day and guess what we ate. Pancakes………delicious.


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