A Trifle attempt at making jelly

A prerequisite for attending the 2nd Birthday Party of Culture Vulture was that we bring along a homemade jelly. A work of Art using our imagination. I decided to concentrate on the Art of Flavour.

Attempt 1

5 sheets of gelatine placed in cold water to soften

1 pint of liquid heated (Rose Wine in this case)

squeeze gelatine from cold water and add to warm liquid

Stir occasionaly until gelatine is desolved

Add liquid to desired mold.

This first attempt resulted in a very Toxic jelly indeed. If I’d realised there was an entry section for toxic this would have been a contender. I also wanted to use my very vintage Jelly mold which I bought at a Vintage Fair last year. I placed some red currant berries at the bottom of the glass mold, poured over the warm gelatine mixture and waited for it to set. This it did after a few hours in the fridge.

I placed the mold in some hot water, to enable to jelly to be released from it, but left it in the hot water for a second too long. The result wasn’t too bad but the flavour was far too intense and as I suspect the quality of the wine may not have helped either.

Second attempt

Back to the drawing board. This time using a carton of fruit juice, not juice drink and not from concentrate. Apple and Mango. Again I used the formular above replacing the wine for fruit juice. I added some red berries and some Jelly tots along with a couple of freshly made Madeleines and the result was much better. Almost a trifle you would say.

It didn’t win any prizes, but I did get some very favourable tasting comments. Using gelatine is very easy, and when you add real fruit flavours the result is far better than you think.

Have a go at making a jelly. It’s very easy.


5 thoughts on “A Trifle attempt at making jelly

  1. After reading your post I had to reply, my boyfriend loves making jelly and a few months ago I bought him ‘Jelly with Bompas & Parr’, an amazing book with loads of pictures and recipes for exciting jellies. He has made so many delicious jellies, they are really easy to make from real fruit and taste so good. My personal favourite is rhubarb, with lemon right behind!
    I love your jelly mould, I have found a few vintage ones but I love the glass one you have.

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