Afternoon Tea at Cafe Nouveau

The Gent and I spent a wonderful couple of hours at Cafe Nouveau. An underground Tea Room set in an original Edgar Wood House in Huddersfield……… can’t say where exactly, these underground gems in the comfort of people’s homes are kept a secret until the very last minute.

With a French inspired menu, it was going to be a real treat. I love Patisserie and Marie-Claire is an experienced trained patisserie baker.

We were warmly greeted with a false Kir (non alcoholic French aperitif) by Marie-Claire and welcomed into her home.

With a selection of sandwiches my favourite was the tuna niçoise, followed closely by the freshly made and still hot mini croque monsieur. The Sweet onion tarts were divine, I could have eaten the lot, but needed to leave room for the Patisserie’s

There was a selection of Tea, and the one I chose, to accompany all this, was a Rose Petal Leaf Tea, very nice and refreshing without milk. I’m trying not to become a purist about Leaf tea, but I’m certainly enjoying myself tasting them.

The patisseries were feather light, fresh and wonderful. Served on a lovely leaf filigree stand. Perfect for a table setting.

The freshly made fruit scones were lovely. Worthy, if not better than some top restaurants that serve Afternoon Tea – I know I’ve been to a few. And great to see they were served with lashings of Clotted Cream and jam. Marie- Claire, who let me into here recipe secret, tells me she’s been making these scones for a very long time and I think she has the recipe just perfect. But as secrets go, I’m keeping this to myself and trying it out before my next Secret Tea Room Event in March

As with all underground occasions, people soon begin chattering and getting to know each other. I discovered that one guest lives 2 doors down from where my cousin lives, it’s a very small world we live in. The conversation eventually turns to the benefits of social media such as Twitter and the value it has with events like this, how word gets around and places soon fill up. If any guests were not on Twitter they soon will be after I and other guests have shown them the way.

All too soon it was time to leave, it was one of those occasions that you didn’t want to end. I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest and not the hostess for a change. And I fully appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating, networking and baking for an Afternoon Tea Party. Followed by all the washing up and moving furniture back afterwards.

My final word goes to the person who knocked on Marie-Claire’s front door (there was a notice on the door saying Welcome to Cafe Nouveau) thinking they could come in and join us, not realising it was an ‘Underground’ Tea Room. I hope they find your details on the interet and manage to be a guest at one of your events.

Thank you Marie-Claire for a wonderful Afternoon Tea.


6 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at Cafe Nouveau

  1. What a delightful, appreciative response to Cafe Nouveau. I went to the January event and am really sorry I missed this French occasion. I love the photographs which help to bring the occasion and atmosphere to life.

  2. How ace you have a blog about Afternoon Tea. Wish I’d have found this sooner.

    I had a massive urge for nice Scones somewhere and ended up plumping for The Botanist in Knightsbridge. Do you know it?

    It’s not the posh vintage type of place (because it was cheaper) but pretty nice. I wrote a bloggy on it

    Have you been there? AND also more importantly, where else is good value or worth going to?

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