Wakefield Food Festival – #rhubarbfest

Lots of Twitter this morning about #rhubarbfest The Wakefield Food Festival was on over the next couple of days. The Gent and I went down early to catch the best of the produce and before the crowds started to arrive.

Demonstration in the Cookery Theatre from Oulton Hall, how to make scones.

Well I had to have a sample of their  scones and Rhubarb jam. Very nice it was too. I wrote my name and address in their book in the hope of winning Afternoon Tea at Oulton Hall.

I bought Rhubarb (5 large sticks for £2) and fruit from Oldroyds, 4 types of Relish from Raman’s Relishes, Pork and Rhubarb Pie from Farmer Copley and a Rhubarb and Ginger Brack from Botham’s

Cheese from Saddleworth Cheeses

The Food Festival continues through to tomorrow, so get yourselves down there. And remember, you don’t have to live within the Rhubarb Triangle to visit the #rhubarbfest


1 thought on “Wakefield Food Festival – #rhubarbfest

  1. Sounds great. I love rhubarb. My Greengrocers has had to close so there is no longer one nearby while Morrison’s wants me to pay about a fiver for 3 stalks! I think I’ll plant some this year! If you like growing your own, try this http://www.myfolia.com. It’s geeky gardening fun.

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