Underground Food Bloggers Conference

Being one of the first to arrive at the Underground Food Bloggers Conference hosted by msmarmitelover, gave me the chance to see everything set out. We were warmly greeted by Msmarmitelover and Alissia, one of her assistants for the day who showed us where to hang our coats and immediately brewed us a pot of fresh coffee and served us freshly baked Pan au Chocolate and plain or Almonds topped coisants. One by one, as other people began to arrive, we introduced ourselves.

It’s wonderful to talk to people with passion and enthusiasm for what they do. And who also take a very genuine interest in what I do.

Our first speaker was Dan Young, an experienced and passionate food writer and blogger, he is the Young in Youngandfoodish Dan had lost his voice so his wife Vivian ( I hope I’ve got that right)  came to the rescue and spoke Dan’s word for him  about Food Blogging for “Keeps”. We learnt how to Keep it Simple, Focused, Real, Uncluttered, Short and Keep it to the point. All these things I’m trying to put into practice whilst writing this post.

Laura James talked about the ‘Recipe for Success’ – Notes on food blogging. We covered every aspect from Why do we write, Writing recipes, Getting published, Getting an agent, and much more.

We then had the most delicious lunch.

Fennel and Pea shoots with a very light vinaigrette (forgot to take a picture) along with sundried Tomato Focaccia.

Spagetti Vongole cooked in your own parcel. I’ve never eaten this before, I hope I get the chance to eat it again sometime.

Dessert was Rhubarb Clafouti served in individual tins. I must get me some of those.

After lunch we had a workshop from  Paul Furness ( a link to his pictures of the event) – a professional Food Photographer. This made me take and look at pictures in quite a different way.

Because the event was running a little behind I had to cut short my stay to catch the train home. But I managed to listen to 45 mins from the very enthusiastic and passionate writer that is Tim Hayward editor in Chief of Fire and Knives

The contents of my pink goody bag to take home.

I had the most wonderful time and was travelling home with a head full of ideas. This was well worth the sleepless night, due to adrenalin and the long journey from Leeds. I met some really interesting people, many of which I shall follow on Twitter and I hope to meet them again sometime.

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