When it pays to never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Back in December 2010. I posted a comment on Life According To Mrs Shilts Blog who was sent some Chocolates from a benefactor in the name of Appliances Online after she in turn posted a comment on a previous blog of a person who was sent a TV and so on. You get the idea.

Fast track 2 months later and out of the blue comes an email from Applinces Online saying they read my comments and asked me if I would like to receive some cake tins. I checked out the benefactor and found him on Twitter and he was also doing similar generous offerings to other Twitterers. Well I never look a gift horse in the mouth and said yes, because you can never have enough cake tins.

Within a few days the cake tins arrived and here I am baking a cake. I’ve decided to bake a very plain Vanilla Sponge cake. Especially after all the cake we had at the Clandestine Cake Club last Saturday, something plain and simple was needed. Although these tins said they were non stick, I always line cake tins with parchment paper and even add a layer over the top to stop any drying and burning. Once the cake has cooled down, the cake can stay in the parchment until you need to cover and fill with your favourite buttercream.

So there you have it. Why don’t you leave a comment below about what you would like to receive, go ahead you know you want to. Nothing ventured nothing gained and if you do find yourself on the receiving end of a surprise email from Applinces online, let me know, I’d like to hear from you. Must go the oven’s beeping, sounds like my cake is done.


24 thoughts on “When it pays to never look a gift horse in the mouth.

  1. Glad they worked but more cake this early after saturday, Im caked out til next time.
    I wouldnt mind some electronic scales, be much more useful than carefully balancing a dish on these rubbish scales I have now.

  2. I just went for a cupcake lesson and realised I really need a Kitchen Aid mixer to make my egg whites smooth and glossy 🙂

    Failing that, a simple hand whisk would suffice!!

    *crosses fingers*

    (Oh and I’d also quite like a 6 bedroom country cottage with an Aga and acres of land to have a donkey. )

  3. Well…I’ve got the Kitchenaid…just need the ice-cream maker attachment now…and/or can opener.

    Crossing fingers and toes!

  4. I always use greaseproof paper to line my baking tins. The batter for my nana’s ginger cake absolutely, positively HAS to be poured into a lined baking tin but I wonder if they would survive being baked straight into these tins from Appliances online……

  5. A Kitchen Aid mixer would be awesome as mine has given sterling service for a couple of years, but is a bit poorly. I use it a lot and when I first bought it I loved it so much I kissed it goodnight at bedtime!

  6. Living as my alias… Miss Sue Flay, I seem to think that I am super human when it comes to Baking…mostly with my equipment being from the local supermarket…and it does me well : )
    But seeing lovely bakers such as yourself, who have been baking a lot longer than I have, sometimes make me realise how nice, good quality equipment is essential sometimes.
    I have started to purchase from Lakeland and John Lewis, and enjoy gifts for xmas from family with a few luxury cooking items thrown in : )
    I am off to take a look at Appliances Online…the tins look fab…but not as fab as the cake!…..Hungry now! Hehe xxx

  7. Your cake looks fabulous, Lynn, and after the richness of the amazing cakes we had at the weekend, will make a lovely change! The cake tins look perfect for the job.
    I’d like a decent knife sharpener, or someone to show me how to use a whetstone, so I can do the job myself!

  8. I’d like a microwave, because I never knew how much I used it (not for ready meals!) until this winter it became more of a light-up cupboard with a rotary function and no longer bothered to heat anything.

  9. Hello lovely, cake club was lovely!

    The tins looked great – free is even better eh! I have some I’ll be baking some of my wedding cake in. Do they do damp proofing 😉 haha! Failing that, they could send a cooks torch my way – I’ve been collecting ramekins for creme brulee…nom nom!

    See you at the next cake club (so long as I’m not on honeymoon!) xxx

  10. Wow that’s brilliant, i bet it was a great suprise!

    Having just moved house you soon realise all the things you have too much of (ovenware) and things you really need (bath mats, cake tins, kitchen storage solutions and light shades). It would be amazing if someone just gave you a little present that was perfect for you!

  11. I made a pretty average battenburg for the first clandestine cake club – I just saw that a divider tin is the way forward thanks to Hairy Bikers. Could really do with one of those… And also I’d like some large deep cake tins (2″+ deep) for sponge (ie not springform).

  12. Wow! People really like things!

    I’m glad the tins worked out well, and also both John and I really enjoyed CCC although I did feel a bit sugared-out afterwards.

    Seeing as it was my birthday, there’s nothing I really want: my aunt and uncle bought me a fab set of Joseph Joseph mixing bowls and things that stack inside each other, so there’s only one thing I think I maybe could do with, and that’s some silicone kitchen utensils. I have two but they are SO GOOD compared to wooden or metal spoons!

    So, if anyone is reading, that would be ace. This is kind of turning into a wishlist rather than anything else… 😀

  13. Isnt it lovely when an unexpected gift comes your way? I remember receiving a heart shaped box of chocolates through the post a few years ago – to this day I have no idea where they came from but they were probably the best chocolates I’d ever eaten purely because they were an unexpected treat. Any gift with thought would be most welcome but if ideas are required then I would love a Fiat 500, a food processor to spare the tears when chopping onions, a date with George Clooney (just don’t tell my husband) and a secret tea room party for my family and friends!

  14. Congratulations, it’s always nice to get a suprise, especially a lovely one like this. Your tins look fab and your cake delicious. As an enthusiastic chocoalte baker – good quality (preferably organic) cooking chocolate is always very much appreciated. Failing that I still don’t have a decent chef’s knife 🙂

  15. I would like a new Gas Cooker with a fan assisted oven my cooker has broke. please help xx
    and ..some pans to go with it. wink wink

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