My favourite Teapot – Tea and Cake

Yesterday afternoon I hosted The Clandestine Cake Club at The Secret Tea Room. I was in need of a more suitable teapot. Not too large that the tea gets cold and wasted and not too small that it has to be refilled every 5 mins. I also wanted a teapot with a detachable tea filter.

Mike of Tea and Cake told me about a new teapot they were selling that ticked all the boxes as far as I was concerned, so I bought one. Mike brought it over just as my guests were arriving, he also brought a delicious Beetroot and Spiced Apple cake that he’d made for the Cake Club.

This teapot is a nice little pourer, none of that dribble down the spout and the fact that the tea leaf filter can be taken out and cleaned with ease is great. The size is perfect, fills about 4-5 dainty tea cups with tea or a couple of large mugs if you wish. Very easy to top up with more hot water to keep the leaf tea fresh and ready for more Tea Top Ups.

I may just return some of my much larger teapots back to the charity shops, I now know why they were sent there in the first place.

This new teapot of mine is going nowhere. I may just invest in a few more.


3 thoughts on “My favourite Teapot – Tea and Cake

  1. Always hard to find a decent tea pot. My favourite one is very similar to yours all in yellow. Having the removable filter makes it a lot more versatile. Hope the cake club went well.

  2. Really good to know!…I always wonder if the teapots I see in local charity shops would be good pourers or not…. The answer is most likely not! haha…. Will take a look at this website! Thank you for the tip. MSF xx

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