Biscotti means twice baked.

Venessa Kimbell of Prepped was looking for recipe testers for her new book of the same name. Looking at the many recipes on offer to test, I opted for Cardamom and Chocolate Biscotti Biscuits.

I’ve never made this sort of biscuit before, but I’ve often tasted them when out buying a cup of coffee.

The ingredients required were easy to find, most of them I already had in my store cupboard, save for the Cardamom seeds which I needed to crush and add to the dry ingredients.

The result of my testing was pretty good, and I was rather impressed with my Biscotti skills. In fact I made two batches, one of which I packed up and froze after the first bake as suggested by Venessa and the other batch is for eating now with Coffee.

I filled in the feedback form required by Venessa and sent her a picture to show how they turned out.

This recipe has me thinking about making more in the future. They were so easy to bake. Perhaps I’ll do plain Vanilla flavour next time.

Good Luck with the book launch Venessa.


One thought on “Biscotti means twice baked.

  1. Oh These are so lovely – I was sooo impressed with the photo I squealed in delight and the children came running it to the study to find out what all the fuss was about ! It’s exactly as I made them – perfect! Fantastic – thank you I’ve altered the oven temperature slightly. You are a brilliant!


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