Sugar – so many types

How many different types of sugar do you have in your store cupboard. It appears I have seven.

Caster sugar is the one I use the most in baking. I have one jar filled with Caster Sugar and Vanilla Bean Pods to infuse with the sugar to give a more intense Vanilla Flavouring to cake sponges.

The Dark and Light  Muscovado sugars I use in Brownies, chocolate cakes and fruit cakes. In fact anything that needs a fuller flavour.

Icing sugar can be used to create a sweet pasty that is delicate and short. Also used in Buttercream.

I don’t often use Demerara or Granulated sugars because they take far too long to melt or mix together when beating with butter or eggs. Castar Sugar is much finer and gives better results.

I recently tested a recipe for Biscotti biscuits where Cardamom sugar was required. Not being able to buy some I used caster sugar and crushed Cardamom seeds instead. With the remaining seeds I’ll have a go at creating Cardamom sugar for future Biscotti Baking.

I’m sure there are other types of sugars out there. If you come across them let me know. If you make your own infused sugars, I’d like to know what flavours they are.


7 thoughts on “Sugar – so many types

  1. cinnamon sugar. not just for fruit cakes (though lovely, because it gives the spice but just a hint) but also on french toast. best. thing. ever.

    i also have sugar infused with cardomam (is that spelled right?) and orange peel, which is lovely on grilled fruit (mine has edible glitter in it for added bling!)

  2. Well those 7 + lavender sugar (garden has overflow), rough cut cubes (for coffee and…. er… champagne – cava more like – cocktails once in a blue moon), molasses sugar (ultimate brown), palm sugar (great in thai cooking) and golden caster (brownies). Sounds a bit obsessive 🙂 Oh there’s orange sugar too – left over from making candied orange zest. I keep that & use for gravadlax – every little helps.

    Cinnamon *does* sound good!

  3. I have 11!
    Golden vanilla caster
    Golden caster
    White caster
    White granulated
    Royal icing
    Dark muscovado
    Light muscovado
    Light soft brown sugar
    Dark soft brown sugar

    Cinnamon sugar sounds lovely, I may expand my collection to 12…

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