Harlow Carr Garden & Coffee at Betty’s

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Cabin fever was beginning to set in, so today the Gent and I set off to Harlow Carr Gardens for a brisk walk round. The world and his wife weren’t there just yet, but the car park was beginning to fill up so we turned into the overflow car parking to be sure of a space.

Our first decision was whether to have a coffee at Betty’s before walking around the gardens, but Betty’s won us over, due to the fact that the Coffee Shop queue only had one person in it. The Cafe queue was much longer.

I love Betty’s, I never miss out on having a coffee and cake there and the service is always with a smile. We opted for a Latte and Rarebit Scone each. I love Betty’s blend of Coffee, so creamy and full-bodied. The scone would have benefitted from being warm, but it tasted lovely and fresh all the same, with a knob of butter on each half. I could see the two queues getting longer so I knew we arrived at just the right time.

I’m a member of the RHS, have been for some years and often visit Harlow Carr Gardens throughout the year. Taking the Gent or a family member with me for free. To me it’s worth the membership. By the time I’ve made about 4 visits the yearly membership has paid for itself. It helps with the upkeep of the gardens which is a good thing.

Although there wasn’t much colour to see at this time of year, apart from the Red Bark of the Cornus, there was evidence of all the hard work that the volunteers and staff have put into the garden over the last 12 months. A credit to them all.

At the time of my visit, RHS are offering 15 months for the price of 12 months membership. 


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