Mini Muffin Truffle Tops

I thought I should end the year as it started, with Baking. A very kind guest at one of my Afternoon Tea Parties brought me 2 tins of Yummy French Chocolate Truffles. One tin we tucked into on Christmas Day, the other made me think about what else could be done with them.Here they are, Mini Muffin Truffle Tops.

Use your favourite sponge recipe mixture or weight 3 eggs in their shells. Weight the same amount of Self Raising Flour, Sugar and Butter. Beat the Butter and Sugar together until light and fluffy. Add the eggs and flour, along with half teaspoon of Vanilla Extract and 2 tbls of Cocoa Powder and beat again until a dropping consistancy. Add  some milk or cream if mixture is too thick.

Place the mixture in seperate bun/muffin cases and add half/whole chocolate Truffle to some of the smaller Muffins and Bake the rest without – these can be topped with Butter cream and have a Truffle Topping. Bake in an oven around 180 deg for 15 mins depending on the size of the cakes you are baking.

Make some Buttercream by mixing 8 oz Icing Sugar to 4 oz of Butter and a little Vanilla Extract. Pipe on each, cooled,Muffin that doesn’t have a choc truffle already baked in them. Top with a whole Truffle. Make some as Butterfly Truffle Tops by cutting out a little of the sponge centre, fill with Buttercream and then replace the sponge, cut in half, back onto the Buttercream and add half a Truffle.

I hope you’ve all had the most wonderful year of baking, I sure have. I’ve met some really lovely people at my Afternoon Tea Events and I hope to meet more in 2011. 

May your cakes always rise and your cookies crumble. 

Happy New Year to you all.


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