A wonderful year at The Secret Tea Room

This has been a wonderful year at The Secret Tea Room

June  –  The Secret Tea Room was launched with a Summer Afternoon Tea in pictures. Katie of Leeds Grub was one of my first guests and her blog post of the event caught the attention of so many people that I was convinced I should carry on.

July –  gave me the chance to create my very own  Birthday Tea Party, with family and friends. It was the month I became a pensioner, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from doing what ever I wanted in life.

August – I began to receive lots of emails asking how I got started that I created my Hints and Tips  on getting started with an Underground Tea Room. I also made very enjoyable visits to Bean and Bud and Fennel Cookery School

September  – By this time, my monthly Afternoon Tea Events were well underway, yet I managed to take time out to do a Secret Road Trip  and add to my collection of  Vintage Hoard . I regularly visited Charity shops which is where most of my crockery comes from. During this month I made visits to events like Test Space. It also meant it was time to bake the Christmas Cake giving me plenty of time for it to mature and feed it lots of brandy.

October – For my first venue outside Leeds I collaborated with Sophie of Little Pretty Things  and took a Little Road Trip to York. This was also the perfect time for decorating the Christmas Cake by keeping it simple. It was also the month that I won a beautiful Apron and Oven Glove from Rachael Taylor.

November – I figured you can never have too many tea towels when I attended the opening of Rocket59 in Headingley. And added yet more glass to my Vintage Collection.

December – I had the opportunity to host a Little Girls Tea Party . And had so much fun creating the menu and making the Pinata.

I would like to thank all the guests who have attended my Tea Party Events this year, you made it so very special. Some have returned time and again, which pleases me so. I’ve added dates for 2011, which amazingly, were booked up within a few weeks.

I’ve collaborated with many people along the way, they have inspired and encouraged me. I hope you all have the Merriest of Christmases followed by the very best start to a New Year.


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