Tea Box

Tea Box online, based in Sheffield, were looking for people to taste and review their Tea. I may not be good at writing reviews, but I am pretty good at drinking Tea.

The dreadful freezing weather delayed my ‘Tea Sample’ delivery, and by the time it arrived, I was in need of something nice and refreshing. The samples I opted for were English Breakfast and Earl Grey.

I don’t know about you but I always take a deep breath when ever I open a fresh packet of ground Coffee or Leaf Teas. You can immediately tell if either are going to be worth drinking. The aroma of these Leaf Teas told me they would be.

According to the packet Tea Box English Breakfast contained a blend of Indian Assam Black Tea and Sri Lankan Uva Black Tea along with instruction on the packet ‘How to Brew’ 2 Teaspoons, 100 Deg, 4 mins. My favourite tea to drink is always English Breakfast. I find it thirst quenching and not too strong in flavour. Tea Box English Breakfast ticked all the boxes for me. I later moved on to try the Earl Grey. Many people who come to my Tea Parties will drink Earl Grey without milk. I have yet to master the art of drinking tea this way, and gave it a try all the same. The Tea Box packet said it contained Sri Lankan Uva Black Tea, Lemon Peel, Cornflowers and Natural Bergamot Oil. The  fragrance alone wins it over for me so I tried it without milk,  I could become a convert to drinking tea without milk. It was delicious.

I like my tea weak and found 2 teaspoons too strong for my taste, however, reducing it to one teaspoon per person gave me the right flavour. Mellow yet full bodied for the English Breakfast. Clear, fragrant and refreshing for the Earl Grey.

One of these days I will find someone to teach me the fine art of Tea Brewing and Tasting. But until that day, I shall continue to drink and taste fine leaf teas like these.


3 thoughts on “Tea Box

    • I do think that drinking tea without milk is an acquired taste, just the same as drinking coffee without Cream of milk. Give it a couple of goes and I’m sure you will be one over. Also try a slice of Lemon in the Earl Grey, even more refreshing.

  1. I hate milk! I drink all my tea without milk. So do most people in Eastern Europe where I spent a year- it was so nice not having to worry about whether my tea would come with milk or not! My tea-with-milk drinking friends were not so impressed however.

    I also tried some samples from TeaBox and was similarly impressed. Decent tea shouldn’t need any milk- it’s a perfectly lovely drink without it 🙂

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