Fun Filled Foodie Friday

The Gent and I had a Fun Filled Foodie Friday yesterday.

9:30am…. We set off to Living North Christmas Fair at Harrogate. It was a very nice sunny drive from Leeds. There were some really nice gifts to be had at the Fair, but I was there to collect my order of  ‘Yorkshire Chocolate Collection’ truffles from Little Pretty Thing for some of my Afternoon Tea Events in December. Each bag contained the following flavours:

Real Ale. Yorkshire Rose. Chocolate Orange. Ginger Parkin. Yorkshire Blue Cheese. Yorkshire Lemon Curd.


12 noon…. Depart Harrogate and head back home to Leeds. We dropped off the car and high tailed it to the local station, where we caught the 1:12pm train into Leeds, an 8 min journey.

By about 1:30pm we arrived at ‘Out of the Woods’  in Granary Wharf. I love the interior of their new place. Especially the wallpaper with birds in the trees and fledglings in nests. You must look out for the carved wooden mouse  handle on the wood panelled door and the Animal taps hanging over the sink. After a very nice chat and some delicious canapés, we popped next door to their ‘pop up’ Christmas Shop, where we stocked up with Mince pies and Brandy Butter, all from Yorkshire producers.


3:00pm ….We caught the train back home, with just a couple of minutes to spare. Our local station is having a bridge built over the tracks. I hear the station is in the top 10 for most dangerous crossings, so I’m pleased to see them working on this long awaited bridge.

6pm …. We headed back into Leeds, this time in the car. Where our final foodie stop was at  Fish &  for a fish and chip supper at the new Dock Street Market. I had the Riverside Bakery sourdough Bread crumbed, Fresh Lemon Thyme and Rosemary Crushed Fish & Chips with Aioli and the Gent had Lemon, Lime and Chilli Battered Fish & Chips.

Both were delicious crispy breadcrumbs and batter with equally crispy chips. The perfect end to a ‘Fun Filled Foodie Friday’.
Our best Wishes to all at Dock Street Market and to the new ‘Out of the Woods’  in Granary Wharfe
Tell me. What would be your Fun Filled Foodie Friday? 



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