Schhh it’s a Lemon Vegan Cake…


 I have a Vegan Guest coming to The Secret Tea Room very soon and saw this as an opportunity to add to my Baking skills.

Katie of @leedsgrub sent me this link to a Vegan recipe for a Lemon Cake.

The only amendments that I’ve made are :-
Vegetable Oil – I used Corn Oil
Vegan Margarine – I used Suma Soya Spread
Lemon Juice – I replaced some of the Lemon Juice with Limoncello
Instead of the  Lemon Icing topping I dusted with icing sugar.

I gave ‘The Gent’ a slice and asked for his opinion, without telling him it was Vegan. His response was ‘Lemony, Light and Moist’ all the right words we home bakers want to hear when we’ve baked a cake. Asking for another slice added to the compliments.

With 12 oz of icing sugar in the filling there is no doubt this cake is for the sweet tooth. I have a sweet tooth and found it ‘Lemony Light and Moist’. To combat the sweetness use an alternative filling such as Lemon Curd.

If you are wondering what the fabric is that I placed the Cake stand on it’s an apron see here how I won it


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