Christmas Cake Decorating….keep it simple.

When it comes to decorating a cake, I like to keep it simple. Flicking through one of Delia’s recipe books, I came across one of her very simple decorated Cakes, so I thought I would try something similar.

I’d already baked my cakes some weeks earlier Recipe is here and regularly added Brandy to add extra moistness and flavour.  I just needed to cover with Marzipan and Fondant icing, both of which I bought and didn’t make.

First I warmed some Apricot Preserve and covered my cakes which allows the Marzipan to adhere  to the cake.

Next I rolled out the marzipan and covered the cakes one at a time, making sure the tops and sides were well covered and smoothed out. If you have any hollows or dips in the top of your cake just add a small piece of rolled Marzipan to level it off before you add the layer of marzipan.

When the marzipan layer is nice and smooth, start to roll out the Fondant Icing to a suitable thickness and size to cover the cake in one piece.

Cut out your favourite decorations, in my case it’s large snowflakes. I used Rosewater to stick the fondant Snowflakes to the cake.

A few edible Silver Balls add that extra Christmassy touch. These cakes can now be kept until Christmas, if placed in an airtight container. I kept a birthday cake (same recipe) in the same condition for 6 months, it was perfectly moist and delicious.

Tell me. How do you decorate your Christmas cakes?


5 thoughts on “Christmas Cake Decorating….keep it simple.

  1. I dont like fruit cake, or marzipan, but the cakes do look delicious 🙂

    Did you keep the cakes under your bed like Delia did??

  2. These look so elegant. We make mini cakes in old (clean!) tin cans. We do a layer of marzipan then a layer of icing and then various decorations. We’ve done silver and pink balls in a Christmas tree pattern, we’ve put icing cut into leaf shapes painted with green food colouring and we’ve stuck plastic decorations on top! We (we being my 10 year old daughter and me!) then wrap silver foil around the side of the cake tied with a ribbon. Then (phew) they go into cellophane (sp?) bags tied with another ribbon, a handmade gift tag and a tag with the ingredients on. Teachers look forward to them as do friends and family! My Brownies make them too.

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