My little Road Trip to York

Being out of your comfort zone can be a worrying thing. But, as they say ‘Nothing Ventured Nothing gained’. All you really need is good planning and organisational skills, a lot of which I gained in my previous life working for an internet bank.

Some months ago I met up with Sophie Jewett of Little Pretty Things . We had lunch in the garden of a lovely restaurant and discussed doing an event together in York. After being shown around the Brewery Meeting Rooms with it’s secret little doorway on Micklegate, I just knew this was the perfect venue for the Secret Tea Room.

I’d already had a practice run at this with a Secret Road Trip but travelling to York was something a little different. Forget anything, and it’s a long way back to go and collect it.

I packed my best and prettiest china and made sure there was enough for changes of plates and cups. Tea loaves and Guinness loaves were baked in advance ensuring the flavours and moisture were at their best. Endless lists and timetables for shopping days & baking days really do help.

Come the day of the event, I got up early to bake the scones and had 2 of them for breakfast. It’s a deliciously hard life tasting what you bake, but someone has to do it. With the sandwiches freshly made, I packed the car with, hopefully, everything I needed. I checked the last of my lists and found I had nothing missing. The 45 min journey from Leeds to York went smoothly for the cakes and crockery. No damage when I arrived, which was a good sign.

Right on time my guests arrived and we soon got the kettle on for the first of many cups of Leaf teas. On offer were  China oolong from Bean and Bud. Earl Grey & Malawi Setemwa  for York Coffee Emporium. With the additional Yorkshire Gold Leaf Tea. And coffee El Salvador San Miguel also from York Coffee Emporium.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, including me. When I see all my guests chatting and getting to know each other it makes all the hard work worth while.

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My thanks go to all my guests and especially to Sophie and Michelle for their help and support in making my first little road trip the success it was.

This was the menu on offer

The Secret Tea Room

Brewery Meeting Rooms York

2pm – 5pm

Selection of Fresh Finger Sandwiches.

Poached Salmon with Cucumber

Free Range Egg with Mayonnaise & Cress

Ham with Chutney

v. Homemade Houmous with Grated Carrot or Chopped Sweet Red Pepper



Mini Chorizo Tartlets and Mini Cheese Tartlets


Selection of Homemade Cakes

Tea Loaf and Guinness Loaf served with Wensleydale Cheese

Chocolate Fudge Cake


Plain Buttermilk Scones served with Clotted Cream & Homemade Preserve


Selection of Chocolate Pettit Feurs from Little Pretty Things


Selection of Teas

Twinnings Fruit and Green Tea

China Oolong Leaf Tea

Yorkshire Gold Leaf Tea

Earl Grey Leaf Tea

Malawi Setemwa Leaf Tea – a great accompaniment to chocolate cake


El Salvador San Miguel ground coffee




11 thoughts on “My little Road Trip to York

  1. Amazing where these places pop up lol.
    Makes me want to find a tea selling shop to find some new teas. What was the Malawi Setemwa like?
    I’d heard of apple pie & cheese, but not tea loaf. Local traditions are great.
    You’ll be doing 5 on the same day before you know it.

    • Hi James
      The Malawi Setemwa leaf tea, at first, looked to be a very strong (in flavour) tea. It certainly did in its’ looks when we poured it out. But surprisingly it had a lovely mild flavour. I drank mine with a little milk and so did some of my guests. They also found it quite mild. I can understand how it would go well with chocolate cake. It appears to be only a Yorkshire tradition to eat Cheese with fruit cake and Tea Loaves. Although it has to be a crumbly creamy cheese like Wensleydale. It’s often a talking point at my events. You can immediately tell who has the Yorkshire origins because they understand the concept.

  2. Thank you for a fabulous afternoon of delightful food and wonderful company. Looking forward to the next one already.

  3. Hi Bakelady…

    Just a quick hello and big, big thank you for the amazing event we attended this weekend. My wife Claire, my daughter Freya and I, all really enjoyed ourselves. The food was sublime and the company engaging. Congratulations on putting on such a fantastic Tea Party. We were made to feel very welcome by all. Good luck for the future and hopefully we will be invited back to attend another event some time next year.

    All the best Fran x

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