Latte, Cake & Charity Shop finds in Wakefield

My plan for today was to meet up with a very good friend of mine and catch up with all the latest news since her retirement earlier this year. My Twitter comment saying I was meeting my friend in Wakefield resulted in a recommendation from Rachel of Rants and Ramblings to have Cake and Coffee at Mocca Moocho

After an initial quick visit to The Ridings shopping centre we headed straight for Mocca Moocho on Cross Street.

My friend chose Carrot Cake with Hot Chocolate.

I chose a Slice of Coffee Cake accompanied by a Caramel Latte.

You can see by the pictures that these slices of Cake were very generous, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from eating every last crumb. My decision to have a Caramel Latte really worked well with my Coffee cake, not too sweet and no need to add any sugar. My friend also enjoyed her Carrot cake and hot Chocolate.

I had a quick chat with the owners & staff and found them really nice friendly people. There’s definitely a difference between Independent Traders and the High Street because of the passion they (Indie Traders) have for their business.

Next, we hit the Charity Shops and my find of the day was a Judge Stoneware Tea Pot, not for The Secret Tea Room but for home use and a very pretty Churchill Butter Dish. This was followed by a return visit to Mocca Moocho for a pot of Fairtrade Tea.

A perfect day.



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