Secret Road Trip to Urban Location.

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One day last week The Secret Tea Room took a Road Trip to a Secret location that only became available to me 24 hours prior to the event.

However, being the organised person that I am, I was all ready to go once the location became available to me.  I’m usually the one that keeps locations a secret but this event was different, it was a test run for my Afternoon Tea Events packages.

The planning was no different from the Events I have at home, but the real difference was that I had to ensure everything I needed, down to the last tea spoon, came with me. There was no popping home for a missing cup and saucer or the forgotten jam and cream.

I wasn’t playing host this time, but I was invited to stay and join in. I enjoyed setting up the event at the location and making sure everyone had freshly poured Tea and sufficient sandwiches and cakes to eat. I joined in the conversation and met some wonderful people that I hadn’t met before.

The location wasn’t in someone’s dinning room or parlour but in rooms in an urban part of Leeds, with the most wonderful Vintage props and settings that befits an Underground Afternoon Tea. I received many favourable comments from the guests, which confirms that taking The Secret Tea Room on the road is no problem.

So if you fancy having your own Afternoon Tea Party at what ever the location, I’d like to be able to help.

More details about Secret Tea Room packages can be found at The Secret Tea Room


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