‘Fancie’ a Cupcake, anyone?

I returned home one day to find an email from Amanda Perry of Fancie, inviting me to Tea and Cake at her Cake shop in Sheffield. I jumped at the chance to taste some of Fancie’s Cakes but was unable to get over to Sheffield. As an alternative, we arranged to meet at Outofthewoods in Holbeck Urban Village, where her Fancie Cupcakes are also being sold.

Amanda was very generous and gave me a box of her cupcakes, which were baked and decorated fresh that morning, to take home and taste. The Flavours consisted of Chocolate Caramel, Victoria, Crème Brulee and Dark Chocolate with Raspberry.

It was great talking to Amanda, who is a trained pastry chef, about Baking, Tea Rooms, Cupcakes and Tea Loaves. Baking isn’t only about Cupcakes and it’s really nice to know that Amanda does lots of other cakes too.

I couldn’t be at outofthewoods without having some lunch there and I opted for the Beetroot Soup with Lime, Ginger and Wasabi. Their soup is consistantly good.

After arriving home I couldn’t wait to pour myself a cup of tea and tuck into a cupcake. First up was the Creme Brulee. A lovely moist sponge with a Creme Brulee centre and deliciously whipped, not too sweet, Buttercream topping. I decided to share this with the Gent.

In my opinion, some men are not always the best people to ask what they think of cake. They simply say ‘It’s nice’  ‘It’s Ok’ or ‘It’s alright’.

Later that evening I had the Chocolate and Raspberry flavour, whilst my son had the  Chocolate Caramel Flavour. He gave his 9/10. I asked him “What was it about the cupcake that you didn’t give it 10/10″ and he said ” It’s large and a bit difficult to eat”! Men don’t understand the finer points of needing the use a dessert fork when eating such delicate cakes.

I’d like to thank Amanda at Fancie for her generous baking gift. Giving me the chance, for the first time, to taste some of her lovely cupcakes.

The Final Cupcake, Victoria Flavour -aptly named because of the delicious Jam centre, I shared with my son, who still chose to eat it without a dessert fork.

Tell me. How do you eat your cupcake?


2 thoughts on “‘Fancie’ a Cupcake, anyone?

  1. Interesting review! I had some Fancie cupcakes a few weeks ago & have struggled to put together a review as yet! Nice to hear you enjoyed them 🙂

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