Bean & Bud and my Little Trip to Harrogate

It’s Saturday morning and the Gent said, ‘Let’s go to Harrogate’.  The ride from Leeds to Harrogate was spoilt somewhat by the aroma of field  ‘Muck’ spreading near a portion of the A61. The smell was still in the air when we returned via the same route a few hours later. Now I’m all for naturale, but that was a little too pungent for my liking.

After parking up on the edge of Harrogate Town, we walked passed part of the stray towards the town centre, to find a series of ‘boot camp’ style activities going on. The Gent remarked at the large amount of attendees that were there. I think he meant large as in ‘Quantity’ of people rather than the size of them.

If it were possible to loose weight by simply watching them working out, then I would have lost a couple of pounds by the time I’d passed them by.

By this time we were ready for a cup of Tea and Coffee so we went straight over to Bean and Bud on Commercial Street.

It was nice to see such a lovely, vibrant, independent Coffee shop busy with customers, both inside and seated outside in the lovely sunshine.

I ordered a China Oolong Leaf Tea, which I drank without milk. The Gent ordered a Latte, which came with one of those skilled swirling decorations that I admire so much, on the milky frothy topping. I introduced myself to Ruth and Hayden, and had a very brief chat with Hayden about Leaf tea. I say brief, because the place was a hive of activity with customers.

The Gent enjoyed his Latte. My China Oolong Leaf Tea, which was served in a very nice transparent tea pot (must get me one of those) was so delicious I had to buy some on the way out. It was so refreshing and flavoursome that I almost drank the whole pot. With each cup full, the flavour intensified, without having that bitter tannin flavour. I shall be adding this to my collection of Leaf Teas when I hold my Underground Afternoon Tea Events.

After our little interlude at Bean and Bud, the Gent hot footed it to Waterstone’s book shop and I ventured into the World of the Charity shops, where I managed to find a very pretty glass milk jug to add to my collection.

This left me with a quick visit to The Cheese Board of Harrogate for some Traditional Wenslydale Cheese and a very time constrained dash into Lakeland (Lakeland Fans will know how hard that is) We then headed back to the car park with minutes left on the meter.


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