My Birthday Tea Party

Rich Fruit Cake decorated with Fresh Viola's and Lavender

When a lady reaches 60, it’s time to have a Tea party.

I’d been planning my own birthday Tea party for well over a year, even before I started my little Underground Tea Room. My reason for planning so far ahead, was down to my garden. I have a lovely garden, but on my birthday I wanted it to be full of summer blooms. After all the rain we had last year, I hadn’t counted on a dry summer this year, but we can’t have everything.

Along with the usual Fayre, I decided to make some savoury Tartlets (recipe here) using the remainder of the Chorizo Sausage that I’d bought from Paganum at the Leeds Foodie Festival in Roundhay Park the previous week. I never got the chance to try one, but they turned out to be a favourite among my guests and all said they were delicious. This Yorkshire Chorizo Sausage is becoming a favourite in our house, so I need to stock up some more.

Chorizo Tartlets

Although a little hot and humid, it was the perfect day. My party guests and I enjoyed the Cakes and Sandwiches, Coffee and Tea and later we sat in the garden with a glass or two of the delicious dessert wines I’d bought from Findwines which were recommended in their Wine Finder Tool under the Food heading, Afternoon Tea. I was lucky enough to be given a variety of  lovely, very useful, birthday gifts. All the pictures were taken by my nephew Tom.  Cheers, here’s to the next Tea party!

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16 thoughts on “My Birthday Tea Party

  1. I could demolish that entire table in about five minutes. I can’t wait until September!
    Are those macarons I see? I hear they are very tricky to make! I am well impressed!

    • Thanks, can’t wait to start using my bus pass. There is also another little letter/parcel that comes through the post when everyone reaches 60. I’ll tell you what that is in September. Not a suitable conversation for any Tea Party Table 🙂

  2. Wow, looks amazing! A lady should never have to bring the food on her own birthday, but the problem is that no-one would make it as good as you!

  3. Happy Birthday, looks like you had a wonderful day. Getting very excited for the tea in a few weeks and am very intrigued about the Yorkshire chorizo do they have any Leeds stockists?

  4. Wow, what great photos! I especially love the violas on the fruit cake, beautiful. I had no idea you were 60 years young, hope you had a lovely time!

  5. I’m glad to hear that your birthday celebration was a lovely day for you and your guests. The spread looks magnificent, of course. We could expect nothing less from the BakeLady.

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