Summer Afternoon Tea in Pictures

Having an Underground Event is quite different from simply inviting your friends around for tea, this is a little different.  Although this was my 3rd event of it’s kind it was the first time that I didn’t really know any of my guests. My inspiration came from msmaritelover and her Underground Restaurant, a pioneer of the supperclub movement in the UK.

The Garden awaits the arrival of my guests

There is a lot of preparation involved such as, how many people can I seat around the tables, menu planning and the baking. Having the best of the summer weather means we can sit in the garden for a while. Although I would recommend you get some help when erecting a gazebo.

The garden in full bloom

As my guests began to arrive they got to know each other in the garden over some Ice Tea and a few Homemade Cheese Crackers. I had a Twitter bio on standby as an ice breaker, but  conversation began to flow straight away and everyone soon got to know something about each other pretty quickly.

Savouries,Sandwiches, Scones and Tea Loaves

Savouries,Sandwiches, Scones and Tea Loaves

Whether you bake or cook, there is a lot of love that goes into what you do, and that is returned full fold when positive comments come from your guests about the softness of the sponge cake and the lightness of the scones. Such lovely compliments fill the heart immensely.

Poached Salmon Sandwiches

One of my many favourite Tea pots

Strawberry Cake, where would an Afternoon Tea be without one.

I managed to sit down with my guests, and got to know them a little more. Doctors, Nurses, ex Lawyers, Office Workers, even a Radio Presenter and of course not forgetting the Prettiest little girl in the World – Millie. All had a common interest and that was food. There were discussions about the best places to eat and in some cases not to eat. One particular one was the concept of eating fruit cake accompanied by cheese. This appeared to be of  Yorkshire origin, because those from outside the county hadn’t heard of this combination, I’d like to hear your views on this. Christmas Cake without cheese, unheard of.

View from my kitchen window

All too soon the afternoon had gone.  New friendships were made and the chance to put a face to the many names I’d conversed with on Twitter. I mustn’t forget however, the help I got from my waitress of the day, my daughter. Ably keeping the kettles freshly boiled, keeping track of the washing up, serving cakes, generally taking over so that I had the luxury of chatting to my guests. She made my job a lot easier.

There was plenty of washing up to be done, but I didn’t mind, I rewarded myself with a slice of cake at intervals. And even the tablecloths hanging on the line has a thing of beauty about it. Here’s to the next event.

Buttermilk Scone Recipe – Makes 7 medium sized scones

225g(8oz)Self Raising Flour

1 x 5ml spoon (1Tsp) baking powder

50g (2oz) Butter Chilled and cut into cubes

25g (1oz) castor sugar

7  Tablespoons Buttermilk, add more if needed

Mix all the dry ingredients together until they look like breadcrumbs. Add the buttermilk until all ingredients are combined together, do not over mix. Add more buttermilk if needed but the mixture should still have a sticky consistency. Gently roll out the dough and cut with a pastry cutter, place the scones onto a greased baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven 180 deg for about 15 – 20 mins until golden brown, depending on the size of the scones.

This recipe will easily double up in size for larger quantities.


4 thoughts on “Summer Afternoon Tea in Pictures

    • Thanks thatcard ady. The Roses were from my garden and the little jars were previously filled with wine or some preserves, I just loved the shape of them. The tablecloth is a family heirloom

  1. So glad it went well – it all looked wonderful and so beautifully presented. You must have worked so hard. I read the reviews and you obviously made a very good impression.

    I keep thinking I’d like to do an underground tearoom event, but a) I have a very small house and b) I doubt that anyone would come. It would be fun though.

    • Thanks choclette for your lovely comments.
      You must do an underground Tea because:
      a) no house is too small
      b) “Build it and they will come'”- quote from Kevin Costner film ‘Field of Dreams’

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