Eating should be an Adventure

Get the taste right and the quality of the ingredients right and your meal can take you on an adventure.

The ingredient origins of my Homemade Lunchtime meal of Cottage Pie were:

Beef from Ireland but minced in the UK

Mushrooms from Ireland.

Carrots from Scotland

Potatoes from Perthshire

Seasoning – I like to think came from some far flung continent.

You may wonder what the point of all this is. Well, the eating of such good food, should take you to those places of origin. To the farmer, who tended the herd of Beef in the best possible conditions. And the grower of such fine Mushrooms, Carrots and Potatoes that went into this Cottage Pie of mine.

On such a rainy day as today is, I’m cooking the meal and immediately transported to the Farmer and his Herd and the Mushroom pickers in Ireland.  The Potato and Carrot harvesters in Scotland and the Exotic spice growers in the Far East.

In thinking that, my Cottage Pie takes on a whole new dimension of taste and adventure. It shouldn’t just be about what we see on our plates, we should be thinking beyond that. Thinking off the plate.

Tell me about your Eating Adventures and it’s origins. Did it take you back to the lovely sunny day at the local Farmer’s Market where you bought the ingredients?  Or remind you of a holiday meal, where on a given day you replicated it with local ingredients?

I’d like to know.


2 thoughts on “Eating should be an Adventure

  1. My absolute favourite when I was little was my Granny’s cottage pie. Now I’m a vegetarian, it’s not quite the same.

    Loads of bloggers seem to be shifting their sites to WordPress – would be interested to know specific reasons?

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