Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb.

Rhubarb & Lemon Jam

A glut of Rhubarb from the allotment warranted some action other than just cleaning, chopping and filling the contents of my freezer.

So the first task was to make some Jam.  And as usual I always refer to my preserving book  Fruits of the Earth by Gloria Nicol. I’ve adapted one of her recipes for Rhubarb & Limes by exchanging the Limes for Lemons, because that’s what I had in the fridge.

One of my Twitter followers asked if I was ..”doing some prep/drying of the Rhubarb as it can be watery”…

I agree, Rhubarb can be very watery, but to be honest I hadn’t thought about it. So I just cleaned, dried and chopped the ends of about 2 & half lbs (after chopping) of the lovely bejewelled Rhubarb. Added nearly 2lbs of caster sugar and the juice and grated zest of 3 large Lemons.

Rhubarb ready for Stewing, Jamming and Freezing.

I put all the ingredients in a pan and turned up the heat until it simmered and dissolved the sugar. Then I began a rolling boil, always a traumatic  time for me is this, trying to get jam to a setting point. Even with a jam thermometer I seem to have problems. And with the Rhubarb being watery and having very little natural Pectin, I decided to let this simmer and boil for longer than normal.

After what seemed like ages I decided I’d boiled it enough and bottled up. In the end I made 3 jars. Has it set? only when I open the jar will I be able to tell. Next time I’ll make some with Apples, they have loads of Pectin in them.

Rhubarb Crumble

Next on my list of Rhubarb things to do was a Crumble.  A favourite with the Gent.


2lbs Rhubarb cleaned, dried and chopped into chunks

2 pieces of stem Ginger (in Syrup) Finely chopped

2 tbls Brown sugar.

Add all ingredients into a pan and simmer gently. Keeping the Rhubarb in chunks.

Crumble Topping

200g Self Raising Flour

50g Rolled Oats

100g Brown Sugar.

100g Butter

Put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl, and rub together until it resembles breadcrumbs.

Put the stewed fruit into a heatproof dish and top with the crumble mixture. The crumble topping freezes very well if you have any left over.

Bake around 180 deg for about 20 – 25 mins.

My final task with Rhubarb was to freeze the remainder. This I did after topping and tailing, cleaning and drying. Then I chopped the sticks into chunks and placed into a freezer bag.

Here are some Twitter comments about Rhubarb from some of my lovely followers:

@Domestic_jules..I’m not a big fan of rhubarb but do like it in soured cream cake http://j.mp/bjbRlQ

@Lucifermyk..I love rhubarb ! Any spare cake or crumble send it my way

@goodshoeday…I think you shd do rhubarb vodka too if you hv plenty of sticks it doesn’t need many!

@azeliaskitchen…I made some rhubarb & brown sugar cakes that were very nice.

Viola's from my garden

If you like Rhubarb and have some favourite recipes on your blog, get in touch by submitting a comment with a link to your site.

Other comments also appreciated.

Foot note: 1st June…. Just had some of the Rhubarb and Lemon Jam on Toast for breakfast. Being kept in the fridge, it’s set better than expected and has a very sharp tangy taste.  Delicious.


6 thoughts on “Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb.

  1. I also struggle to get jam to its setting point but Hubs seems to be natural at it and can get anything to set. I’ll have to get him to try rhubarb jam.

  2. I found out by accident a great way to set jam. I started making my own diabetic jam when my dad was still alive, and apparently, lemon juice can take the place of pectin quite successfully. So what I do is, put my fruit, sugar to taste and lemon juice in a pan. Do a rolling boil of about 10 minutes, and then let it cool right down. Do a second rolling boil for a similar time and voila. It has set perfectly for me every single time so far. (you watch, that will be the kiss of death now!!!)

  3. I was just going to say that the lemon juice would help it to set, but I see Chrissie has beat me to it! My mum always puts lemon juice with strawberries for jam as they don’t have much pectin either.

    We don’t eat much jam now, so I don’t make any.

  4. Ah, now I was planning of making some plum jam & was going to ask you for advice about pectin…. would you use lemon juice or apples to help it set? Or do plums just have more pectin in?
    The rhubarb crumble looks amazing :o)

    • My reference books tell me that Sweet Plums are Medium in Pectin, whilst Sour Plums are High in Pectin.
      Lemon juice always helps with setting even adding the pips in a muslin bag and adding it to the pan whilst boiling.
      Cooking and Crab Apples are High in Pectin and dessert Apple are Medium.
      I’ve never had any problems with setting when I’ve used Apples.

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