Beautiful Pottery needs a Beautiful Cake

Emma Bridgewater Pottery & Strawberry Cake

Yesterday, I paid a visit to Emma Bridgewater pottery. A place I’d always wanted to visit.  After a couple of hours driving and getting lost a few times, we finally arrived.  We needed a coffee fix after the long journey, so we were pleased to see they have a coffee shop there.

This place is an Aladdin’s cave of beautiful pottery. I purchased some reject items, but you could hardly see what was wrong with them at all, to me they seemed perfect, and what a bargain they were too.

So, a teapot, 4 half pint mugs and several other dishes later we set off back home.

On the journey, I began thinking that these dishes could be used to serve delicious cakes, and not the Pasta or Cereal as indicated on the label.

This afternoon I set to and baked a Strawberry Cake and some Strawberry Cupcakes to serve on my lovely new dishes.

I used a basic sponge cupcake recipe taken from my Afternoon Tea Cookery Class at Fennel Cookery School the other week.  I normally use Baking powder, but this recipe used Cream of Tartar, which I’ve never baked with before.  Our tutor Lionel explained to us that Cream of Tartar works a great deal better on its own and gives sponges a lighter texture. I certainly found this to be true, because my Cookery School Cupcakes stayed risen when they came out of the oven. And as you can see from the pictures below, the cake and cupcakes I made today also had a lovely dome to them.

Basic Sponge cakes

I baked the cake in a 6 ins cake tin lined with parchment paper, and the cupcakes were baked in large muffin cases.  I sliced the large cake into 3 layers and covered each layer with strawberry jam that I purchased at the Pannier Market in Leeds last Month and whipped double cream. Topped with more whipped Cream and fresh strawberries.

Pasta Bowl used as a cake stand

I sliced the centre of the cupcakes and filled them with strawberry flavoured buttercream and swirled the top of each cake and topped with a strawberry.

French Bowl used to display a Cupcake.

Cupcakes served in a pasta bowl.

I think beautiful cakes and beautiful pottery go well together. The former may only last a couple of days, the latter, I hope, a lifetime.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Pottery needs a Beautiful Cake

  1. I love strawberries. My fella is indifferent – he says they’re “for girls” and that boys prefer raspberries. I think I should make a beautiful cake just like yours and eat it all myself, if that’s what he thinks.

    Lovely dishes, too! I often find decorated pottery to be a bit twee but these are great, charming and simple but still elegant. I especially like the shape of the bowl turned upside down for a cupcake stand.

  2. Yes – everything looks better with cakes on!

    I only remembered that baking powder is actually cream of tartar earlier in the year when I was in the middle of baking and realised the baking powder had run out. 2 parts cream tartar to 1 part bicarb soda. Will have to try just the cream of tartar on its own now.

    Did you get to see the pottery at work?

    • James. We didn’t get to see the pottery at work, but there is an option to have a factory tour which I’m sure would be great to see, there is also a chance to decorate your own pottery.

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