Frogs or Toads

Frogs or Toads?

Some years ago I filled a large trug with some water and stones in the hope of making a home for Frogs or Toads in the garden. In the years since that day we have seen up to 8 toads in the water at a given time, but never, I think, any frogs.

We have never had any Frog or Toad spawn and I’m wondering if the little makeshift pond is really too small for this.

So are these Toads or Frogs?


One thought on “Frogs or Toads

  1. I think they are toads. I have no water in my back garden except for it being clay soil and damp and I have regularly seen a toad. In fact, the other week as I went to take the old leaves off my ladys mantle, one jumped out!

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