Buying Food online

Do you buy Food online, if so, who do you buy from? Is it from the Artisan producer or the major Supermarkets?

There are many dedicated, passionate (Artisan) Food producers out there, some of whom I’ve bought from online or at Farmers Markets, because of their quality and originality.

Please leave a comment below and tell me why/why you don’t, buy food online.


3 thoughts on “Buying Food online

  1. I’ve bought from supermarkets online, but I’ve never bought anything like buns online – mostly because I’m not sure what it will be like – I need to try things first. If I found something I liked at a farmers market I think I’d give it a go at buying online, but otherwise I’m wary of it!

  2. I buy quite a few food items online from independent suppliers and so far have like all that I’ve bought. Occasionally I do find that the p&p is quite expensive and that tends to put me off, especially if I only require 1 item.

  3. We have been selling our free range rare breed pork and pork products online for nearly a year now and the response has been fantastic.With insulated boxes and silica ice packs we can deliver overnight so that products arrives cool and fresh next day.While we too have found that delivery charges can put some people off we have found that we can deliver £20 -£50 orders for only £5 and orders above that for free! Don’t forget that trip to the supermarket isn’t cost free with petrol at £1.20 and heading north, and the taste of produce from artisan producers like us is far superior to anything you will find there.

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