The Plot thickens…

….well, at least I’m hoping this plot will, thicken with lots of home grown produce. I share this allotment with my friend, it’s a large plot and we have 2 families to feed from it.
This morning I needed to keep on top of the planting, after all, the season won’t wait for me. We’d bought some strawberry plants earlier in the week and these had to be planted in before they became pot bound, or we wouldn’t be seeing any fruit this side of summer.  Last years strawberry plants gave up the ghost and died. We’d already moved them twice in as many years, so I guess they don’t like the upheaval.

The bed needed weeding, but some of it I’d covered over winter to keep weed free and this always works. But, amazingly two strawberry plants still survived, so I kept them.
Couch grass is a devil to completely remove, but this bed of weeds were mainly clumpy grass and bits of chick weed and didn’t take me long to remove. It disturbed a lot of snails, and my best solution to getting rid of the little creatures, apart from Organic slug pellets, is my good old hefty boot.

Weeding done, I laid some black membrane over the top of the soil and kept this in place with old bricks. But before that, I scattered some Organic Slug Pellets under the membrane to keep away any remaining slugs and snails. At intervals of about 18″ I cut a cross in the membrane and made a hole in the soil underneath for the strawberry plants. I poured plenty of water in the holes, and gave the strawberry plants a good watering in their pots before I put them in their new home.

I’ve left plenty of space for the plants to grow and eventually there will be lots of free plants growing on suckers which I can plant into the remaining part of the bed.

A job well done I think, so time for that flask of tea that I always take with me. This time I just took a flask of hot water, because in the post this week came a Tea Infuser and a sample of Oolong tea from Lahloo
One little teaspoon of those lovely leaves was all I needed in this colourful infuser and as instructed I let it infuse for a couple of minutes.

After my little tea break I set to and on another part of the allotment I made a couple of trenches for yet more peas. A simple job. Make a trench on cleared soil, water well, sow the seeds, mark with sticks and pea netting, then cover the seeds with soil. When the seedlings begin to show through I scatter some Organic Slug Pellets around them. This helps to keep the slugs and snails away. Two rows of Beetroot were also sown in the same fashion, but without the netting of course.

Three hours of fresh air had left me feeling hungry and a little dizzy. Time to pack up and head for home. Allotments, no matter what their size, are little places of Heaven on Earth. And here we have a home made appartment Block for rent. Only predators need apply.


One thought on “The Plot thickens…

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