Another ‘Soup of the Day’

This time, my soup of the day was Parsnip and Apple at Fennel Restaurant in Wetherby. On this sunny day we sat near the window which had a nice, bright, airy feel about it.
The soup came steaming hot accompanied by a couple of slices of their freshly baked wholemeal bread and a little white pot of (Real) Butter. This fine, smooth, creamy, puréed texture is just how I like my soups. The sweetness of the Apples really brought out the flavour of the Parsnips and seemed perfectly seasoned.
I confess that I mopped up the remaining soup from the edges of the bowl with any remaining bread I had. My OH decided on a bacon sandwich accompanied with a little side salad.
We completed our little lunch with an Illy latte each. A nice blend of Coffee, which we’ve had before.
I really must find a way of taking discreet little pictures with my mobile phone, perhaps someone can give me some tips.

Fennel Restaurant
Victoria Court
Victoria Street
L22 6JA

*Good Service
*Friendly Staff
*Good Food
*Nice Coffee


One thought on “Another ‘Soup of the Day’

  1. I never have soup of the day in restaurants/cafes – because I never know if they will be as good as my own! But you've inspired me to give it a go, next time I eat out I'll try some soup!

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