Lunch at Fodder

It says a lot about a place when you turn up for a coffee and end up having lunch there. This was the case at Fodder on the outskirts of Harrogate.
Sorry for the lack of pictures, I have not managed the art of taking photos discretely

Open for about a year, Fodder describe themselves as a  ‘New concept food shop and cafe bringing you the tastiest local food, straight from the farm’

You are greeted in the shop with an endless array of Food Produce. But our first port of call was the Cafe. As I say, our intention was to just have a coffee, but as we were shown to our table, the friendly waitress said the soup of the day was Asparagus and as the time was approaching noon, we decided to go for it. I ordered the soup and a large Latte, my OH ordered a salmon and cream cheese sandwich.
We both had a choice of white or brown bread and I chose to have brown with my soup. This came in the form of two small rolls which tasted freshly made. They nicely accompanied the light and delicious, freshly made asparagus soup.
The Salmon and Cream Cheese sandwich came in a chosen White Bread cake, accompanied with a delicious looking Red Cabbage and Carrot Coleslaw, green salad and a portion of Crisps, all included in the price.

My Latte was a lovely coffee blend, with a nice creamy frothy topping, that I like in a latte, which I always like to scoop and eat with my teaspoon.

We didn’t stop there, because we found this only whetted our appetite for more, so we ordered a Blackberry Franzipane and a Pear & Raspberry Tart with an accompanied Ice Cream. Truly delicious. The staff were very nice, helpful and friendly which made me want to visit this Cafe more often.

We bought some fresh produce and cakes including Lottie Shaw‘s Yorkshire Parkin and Country Fare Currant Slice, all reasonably priced especially when you know this is made with good quality ingredients.

Great Yorkshire Showground just off the A661 (Wetherby Road) into Harrogate
* Good Produce
* Friendly Staff
* Good Cafe serving delicious Food.


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