Charity Shops and Tea Rooms

A visit to some charity shops were on the cards this morning and my OH suggested we visit Wetherby. As we walked along Market Place, I noticed a sign that said ‘Bonjour’ Tea Rooms. I like the idea of  little Tea Rooms hidden away as this one was, above the shop floor of a bakery ‘Boulangerie French Bakery’. So, with a fruitful visit to the Charity Shops we back tracked and had a coffee.
Inside the Boulangerie was an array of breads and Patisserie, all baked fresh each day.

The Tea Room decor was simple, with a French theme of  tables and chairs for two. There was plenty of space, and a list on the wall suggested Cakes to have with your coffee. As it was far too early for anything heavier than a light pastry, we opted for a filter coffee and I had a Danish, which was nice and freshly baked. However, the coffee was nothing special. I have to say I’ve been spoilt in recent months since my visit to La Bottega Milanese who for me, makes the best tasting coffee. A review of which is given here by Leeds Grub

On the way out I bought some Chocolate shortbread, which turned out to be very nice indeed. My Charity find for the day was a floral Old Royal Bone China sandwich plate costing 50p and a Cotton Napkin/Tea Tray Cloth costing 15p.
I hope to visit Wetherby again, because I noticed many more Tea Rooms hidden way.

Boulangerie french Bakery
34 Market Place
LS22 6NE
Nice Patisserie.


One thought on “Charity Shops and Tea Rooms

  1. Shame we don't live a bit nearer so we could meet for coffee or afternoon tea and find some more special tea shops. Love your picture of the biscuits on your thrift shop plate and napkin.

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