My take on the Sunday Roast

Occasionally, when I haven’t a clue what to do with the Sunday Chicken roast, I revert back to some of the Blogs I’ve recently read. And the first blog post that popped into my head was eatlikeagirl Her idea of placing the Slow Roast Wild Boar on top of Puy Lentils inspired me.  I had a new, although very cheap, roasting pan that I wanted to try out. I placed the Chicken on top of Leeks from the allotment and some Puy Lentils I had in the cupboard. If you’re wondering where the chicken wing went on the above picture, well, I ate it prior to taking the picture.

All the juices from the chicken went into the Leeks and Lentils. I drained off the juices and made a delicious gravy using a rue of Butter and Plain flour.

No Sunday Roast should be without it’s Yorkshire’s. Leave the batter to rest a while before placing into a pudding tray of hot fat or oil.
Yorkshire’s can be eaten in many ways and here are a few comments from supporters of Yorkshire’s on Twitter.

  1. I eat with jam for brek sometimes. Sunday treats.I love Yorkshire pud. Cooked in a massive tin in smoking hot lard! Loads of gravy! Designed to fill u up.I’ve made some apple tart things that were like yorkshire puds and they were deliciousTraditionally they would be served at the start of the meal with gravy. Mmm I just had a hankering after toad in the hole. Yorkshire puddings are also delicious with golden syrup.Or with golden syrup too. I prefer them with my sunday dinner though!They are the food of the God’s (yorkshires) Well maybe not but filled with gravy.. yum yum.

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