Afternoon Tea at Easter.

A recent post on msmarmitlover’s blog The English can cook titled FAQ’s, made me think about why I wanted to do these Underground Afternoon Teas. In the midst of all the planning, shopping, baking and clearing up, the one question I keep asking myself is, Why am I doing this?. Here are some of my answers. Because I like to bake, I like to share and I like being in control.
Being a Cancerian, I’m a home person. So what better place is there to bake, share and be in control than in my own home. And after a good nights sleep, and that is often the answer, I may do it again.

On this Easter Saturday, 50% of my guests I already knew( we had a total of over 100 years of friendship between us) and they were familiar with my recent Afternoon Tea events.  The other 50% I was meeting them for the first time.
I like it when guests enter into the spirit of Vintage Style Afternoon Teas and  take the time and trouble to dress accordingly. The ladies wore delightful dresses, one guest wore a very fetching Vintage stole. The gentlemen handsomely dressed, one of whom wore a bow tie and waistcoat.
My assistant for the day was my daughter Joanne.  She and I adorned our heads with our usual red ribbon and wore multi coloured Red, Black and White aprons, which now seem to be the Tea Room colours.

This Easter menu had a few changes- a Cherry Simnel Cake, a recipe sent to me by a very dear friend, who is often searching the Newspaper supplements for interesting recipes for me, and came up trumps with this one. Such a favourite that some of my guests filled a ‘doggy bag’  with slices to take home.

As usual I had two tables in two different rooms, one of which is part of the open plan kitchen/dining room, so it was easy to chat to my guests whilst brewing the teas and coffees. But I kept reminding myself I had other guests in the front room that I wanted to chat to as well.
I think little touches add to the event, such as Bunting and flowers

All too soon, it was over and my guests were leaving. I enjoy hearing the lovely comments about my baking which only reinforces my wish to do more. This is really a hobby for me, and the donations do help towards the cost of what it entails in organising an event, though small, like this.
I think a true test of your baking is when guests take up the offer of carrying home some baking that they have particularly enjoyed or perhaps something they didn’t manage to eat and want to eat it later.
Here’s to the next one, whenever that is.


3 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at Easter.

  1. James. Thanks for your comments. Yes, a good idea for a wedding but I prefer to stay very small.I had the chance of doing a wedding but quickly realised that I would out of my depth, so I decided not to take up the offer.Small and sweet – no pun intended, that's how I like to keep it.

  2. This looks like a tea to remember and no wonder your guests wanted doggy bags. Since reading one of your earlier posts about underground tearooms I keep thinking about doing something similar. I too am a home loving Cancerian who loves to bake and be in control!!!

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