Muffin Recipe

Today I found an old recipe for Muffins.  As it was a dull and cloudy day I thought, what better way to pass the time than to bake some of these delicious little goodies, only this time I decided to use my giant sized Muffin Cases hiding in the cupboard. Sorry the measurements are in imperial, this recipe was never adapted to metric. And anyway, I’m of the ‘old school’ and still keep referring back to the old measurements.

Basic Choc Chip Muffin Recipe
9oz Plain Flour
1 tbsp Baking Powder
6 oz Caster Sugar

4 oz Butter
4 tbsp Milk
1 Small Carton Yogurt  see note below
1 Egg – beaten
1 tsp Vanilla Extract (Optional)
2 packs of choc chic or to taste

Sift the flour and Baking Powder together into a large bowl, then add the caster sugar.
Melt the butter. When cool add the yoghurt, egg and milk to the melted butter and mixed together – add Vanilla Extract if doing just Choc Chip Muffins. Then add this mixture to the dry ingredients until just combined, do not beat. Finally add Chocolate Chips until just combined.
Makes about 7 large Muffins or 12 smaller size

Note: Choose the yoghurt flavour to match/complement whatever flavour you add to the Muffin
eg: Raspberry or Vanilla Yoghurt complements Chocolate Chips.
Apple Yoghurt complements when adding 2 chopped Apples – you can also add 1 tsp ground cinnamon to this recipe.


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