Anything is good when it’s ‘Homemade’

Chambers Pocket Dictionary defines the word ‘Homemade‘ as Home-Made adj (of food, clothes etc) made at home. No more than that. When you look at the word ‘Producev, in the same book you get many different definitions, but the ones I’m looking for are:

1. to yield (crops, fruit, etc)
2. to make or manufacture.
3. what is produced, especially from land or livestock.
When you put the two words together Homemade Produce, you get the most wonderful combination of all that is best in Home Food Produce.

In Mark Palmer’s article in today’s Daily Express titled In the Second World War we used our loaf” he say’s

Many of us have the suspicion that convenience foods never quite deliver what they promise. Many are concerned about the distance food travels before it reaches our supermarkets, many are worried about intensive farming and many despair about the tyranny of junk food that clogs our collective arteries, making obesity both a national disease and disgrace”.

It shouldn’t take a ‘credit crunch’ to make us think about what we are eating or producing. It should be common sense. Sure we can eat the junk food from time to time, how else are we going to know just how bad it can taste.

‘Homemade Food Produce’ to me means a product that is the freshest ingredient, locally produced, and amalgam together to make to tastiest product you can buy. The same goes for Livestock, locally reared and nurtured.

Homemade will mean different things to different people. To me, reading Mark Palmer’s article, conjures up the beginning of that word.


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