Bye Bye the Secret Tea Room. Hello A Yorkshire Woman


Update 27th January 2019

You can now find me over on my personal website as Clandestine Cake


After a lot of thinking over the last couple years, I have decide to move from WordPress Blogger to a WordPress website. It means I have more control on the look and feel of a website, I also get to own the Domain name. With a wordpress blog name, you don’t own it. It’s still a blog. Take a look at the URL in this address bar and you will see what I mean.

One of the main reasons for not posting on this blog as often as I would like, is because of the amount of time I spend on the Clandestine Cake Club and website. I want to link my life in retirement with CCC and Visa Versa.

My initial thoughts are, do I take all this blog contents with me and transfer everything other to the new site, or do I leave much of it behind. I have decided to take just a few of the recipes with me and leave the rest behind.

After all when you move house, you discover things often forgotten, and throw away all the things you don’t need anymore. Spring cleaning is the same.

Anyway, I’ve made the move and hope you will move with me too….  A Yorkshire Woman

Hope over and say hello, it’s basic but it will grow.  We all have to start somewhere and if you dicide not to join me, that’s ok, it’s been great having you part of the Secret Tea Room so glad you came by for a cuppa and a slice or two of cake.


Lynn Hill x



Kerrygold Ballymaloe LitFest 2015

Ballymaloe group late 1990's

Ballymaloe group late 1990’s

I am finally making a return trip to Ballymaloe Ireland after nearly 20 years. The home of the internationally renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School and Ballymaloe House and restaurant.

Every picture tells a story, and my initial experience of meeting Darina Allen and attending some of her classes was back in the late 90’s on a group trip arranged by a well known supermarket magazine.

I loved the experience, it introduced me to Soda Bread making, something I still do on occasions, to accompany home made soup on a cold day. I ate the best locally caught Wild Salmon at the Ballymaloe Restaurant and as a group we were introduced to Mirtle Allen, founder of the cookery school and restaurant.

A tour of Cork market with Darina, we discovered quality Irish food and wonderful Irish cheeses, some of which I took home with me. We stayed in the cookery school student rooms which were ideal and comfortable, and had a tour of the farm and gardens, pictures of with I have hanging on my walls.

I vowed to return one day and perhaps attend the 12 week course, but with no money at the time and with young children, it never happened. Now that I am retired, I doubt that I have the stamina or energy to concentrate on a 3 month course and such a long time away from home. With this in mind, and after following all the activities on social media of those who attended previously, I have decided to attend the Kerrygold Ballymaloe Lit festival 15th – 17th May, which started a few years ago.

One of the workshops I am booked in for is Charlotte Pike’s Fermentation class. Something new for me to learn and write about.

I have booked my flights and 2 night stay on the coast nearby, where I hope to bring you daily updates about Irish Food and things of interest as I find them.

If you happen to know anyone in the above picture, taken nearly 20 years ago, do ask them to get in touch. Where am I on the picture? I’m there somewhere.